Reason made him flee from reason

Kimiko Suzuki, foreground, and her older brother Hideaki watch their cat play in front of a fan in Hiroshima in 1941.
(Provided by Tsuneaki Suzuki)

Sydney Long (Australian, 1871-1955)
Pastoral Idyll, c.1908. Oil on wood panel.

two brothers crossing the river ogmore stepping stones, carrying their shopping. the bridge over the moat of ogmore castle, and the remains of the old towers, are in the background, wales, november 17, 1937. © getty images.
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19:36"Ah, you three women whom I have loved in this
long life, along with the few others.
And the four I may have loved, or stopped short
of loving. I wander through these woods
making songs of you. Some of regret, some
of longing, and a terrible one of death.
I carry the privacy of your bodies
and hearts in me. The shameful ardor
and the shameless intimacy, the secret kinds
of happiness and the walled-up childhoods.
I carol loudly of you among trees emptied
of winter and rejoice quietly in summer.
A score of women if you count love both large
and small, real ones that were brief
and those that lasted. Gentle love and some
almost like an animal with its prey.
What is left is what’s alive in me. The failing
of your beauty and its remaining.
You are like countries in which my love
took place. Like a bell in the trees
that makes your music in each wind that moves.
A music composed of what you have forgotten.
That will end with my ending." — Cherishing What Isn’t by Jack Gilbert
19:24"We loved each other and were ignorant." — William Butler Yeats (via introspectivepoet)

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James Dean and Julie Harris on the set of ‘East of Eden’, 1955.

Andrew Wyeth, Riverboat, 1963