Reason made him flee from reason

Former prisoners liberated from the Dachau Concentration Camp cheer at the raising of the Stars and Stripes, April 1945.

A Swiss soldier mans an observation post near the Italian border, 1910s.
10:13"I love you from the coma you put me in." — Kim Addonizio, Forms of Love (via hellanne)

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Early mornings for work —
& oranges and coffee breakfasts.  ’14.
16:20"The first & only time you were eight
you remember remembering being seven
& the religious fear that filled you
when you realized, growing up means
dying. Even worse than dying,
forgetting. If you were previously made of streamers
now you alternated between thumbtacks &
gelatin. Around this time the sky birthed guilt
& it rained into your bones every day
sweet. Good morning, thing I will carry the rest of my life
you should have said when the thing
that made you part of yourself, childhood-altering thing
all childhoods run temple-first into, first
smarted. But you didn’t know any better
than to assume life was a series of events
that moved, that didn’t get stuck on each other
& stretch forwards & backwards: but the brain
is a piece of taffy on a fork, the brain
your brain is a simple concoction of sugars & time,
& you are not always your brain.
The last & only time you were eight
you became nine." — Ruth Ann Baumann, “Small” (via pigmenting)

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